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Metering and communication module NZM-XMC for energy distribution and motor control centres Recording and optimising energy consumption The requirement for a simple metering function to detect the transferred energy is in demand with energy distribution and motor control centres. Energy is a precious resource and everyone is urged to conserve it. A prerequisite for reduction in consumption requires knowledge of the level of consumption, and accordingly simple sensors for recording energy consumption are becoming ever more important. ■Recording energy usage in a building helps in the analysis of energy consumption and reduction in usage. ■The recording of energy consumption is a prerequisite in industry for the avoidance of expensive energy usage peaks.

The new compact solution

The new range of metering and communication modules (MCx) offers a very interesting solution: current transformer, voltage tap-off, measurement electronics, fieldbus interface and display interface in one enclosure.

Thus considerable wiring and installation effort and expense are avoided.

The MCx modules provide all the relevant measuring data for calculating the power consumption:

  • Phase and N conductor currents,
  • rms voltages,
  • active, reactive and apparent power,
  • active, reactive and apparent energy,
  • power factor (cos phi).

This helps establish greater transparency in the consumption of electrical energy and cut costs.

MCx is a component for modern energy distribution which can be easily mechanically integrated and where the measured values can be transferred on-location as well as via a fieldbus. It plays an important role in the area of recording energy consumption, control of switchgear, load shedding and diagnostics.